I am Young Cheol Kwon, the 14th president of the Korea Green Building Council (KGBC) and a professor at Halla University.

First, I’d like to express my respect and gratitude to all former presidents, advisors, executives and staff who have dedicated themselves to the development of KGBC despite even in the most difficult of times.

Since its establishment in 2000, KGBC has participated in academic activities related to green buildings, and engaged in active cooperation with scholars, industries and business leaders in various fields. With its timely response to climate issues in construction-related fields, the council has contributed to sustainable development and improved the quality of life.

KGBC, a member of WorldGBC, is a Korea-based corporation that aims to serve the public interest in fields involving green buildings. The council has forged close ties with the 18 member states of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), BRE, and WGBC Asia Pacific Network by sharing green building certification criteria and technical developments, thereby enhancing its global presence.

In addition, KGBC collects and analyzes trends and information on green buildings from around the world, providing them to not only members, but also academia, industries, and related government agencies. The KGBC webzine is published every quarter, while the KGBC forum, open to anyone interested in information exchange and networking, is held every month.

During my second consecutive term of office, I plan to significantly expand the council’s scope of events and activities, including the establishment of an online green building certification system, expansion of certification/evaluation activities, R&D on energy-efficient buildings and zero-energy construction technology, practical training for the expansion of zero-energy buildings, green building symposiums, and regular academic lectures.

KGBC promises to exert greater efforts to establish itself as a representative organization of Korea serving the public interest.

I look forward to your active support and cooperation.

Thank you.

May 2022
14th President, Korea Green Building Council (KGBC)