I am Jung-Ha Hwang, a professor of Kyungpook National University and currently the 13th president of KGBC (Korea Green Building Council).

We all would like to contribute to a human life through a sustainable development and growth in a true sense with several actions from fields relating buildings about a climate change.

For the past 20 years, we have carried out academic activities related to green buildings focused on academic personnel as well as would like to share a much greater vision through a participation and communication of various experts and businesses.

Now, the architecture industry in the world poses an enormous challenge focused on a new thing such as Green Building and Climate Resilience. Regardless of areas, the industry rapidly changes into the market of green buildings, and hence, each of countries all over the world is very intensely in competition in the architectural market.

KGBC really would like to meet this global trend in deed as well as in name and be at the center to establish a new growth power about our architecture industry that is faced with difficulties.

KGBC has a position of emerging status as a member of WGBC and enhances our role and position by carrying out activities such as an exchange of international standards to certify eco-friendly buildings with 18 members of USGBC and BRE that gradually strengthens their control in the global green building markets and WGBC Asia Pacific Network including Japan, Hong Kong, and other Asian regions.

For this, we collect and provide the global trend and information about green buildings every week and even are going to widen the scope of activities such as various events including a quarterly publication of a council’s webzine to enlarge a base for professional personnel in the green building field as well as a monthly forum and regular academic lecture for an exchange of new information and friendship that everyone can experience every month.

We look forward for your positive attendance and contribution. Thank you.